Adolfo Garcia

Adolfo Garcia

CALM has promoted Adolfo Garcia to chief operating officer.

With CALM’s growth over the last several years, and its current strategic plan in place to best address the mental health needs of Santa Barbara County, the role of COO is a key addition to the executive team.

Garcia oversees all program work, including therapy services, parenting interventions, group support, and community strengthening collaborations. In addition to his previous responsibilities as director of clinical operations, he will support the work of human resources and finance.

Garcia joined CALM 18 years ago as a therapist in the Intensive Family Services Department. Over nearly two decades, he has taken on additional responsibilities and a variety of roles, including SART forensic interviewer, Lompoc program manager, and North County regional manager.

Garcia is joined by a team of clinicians supervising all of CALM’s program services. The clinical leadership team is composed of four senior managers:

Gabriela Hanson-Lopez, who oversees trauma prevention and treatment services in Southern Santa Barbara County.

Yvonne Nelson, who oversees trauma prevention and treatment services in Lompoc and Santa Maria.

Ashleigh Erving, wo is responsible for the overall direction, implementation and evaluation of CALM’s community-based programs throughout Santa Barbara County.

Rachel Hopsicker, who supervises CALM’s continuous quality improvement process and doctoral training.

The leadership team leads up CALM’s clinical services provided more than 85 clinicians throughout Santa Barbara County.

“Having worked closely with Adolfo for many years, he has truly become my sounding board and visioning partner for CALM’s bright future,” said Alana Walczak, president/CEO. “I feel honored to partner with him in this expanded role of COO, so we can all benefit from his broad base of clinical expertise and organizational wisdom.”

CALM’s Board of Trustees recently launched a visionary strategic plan for 2022-27 emphasizing clinical excellence, supporting staff capacity, and investing resources throughout Santa Barbara County.

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