Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, on Thursday hosted the Rev. Frank Schaefer, pastor of Isla Vista United Methodist Church, as her guest at the National Prayer Breakfast.

The Rev. Schaefer made headlines in 2013 after being defrocked for officiating the wedding of his gay son. In October, the Rev. Schaefer was subsequently reinstated as a clergyman in the United Methodist Church after the denomination’s highest court upheld a June decision to reinstate Schaefer’s ministerial credentials.

“I was honored to have Pastor Schaefer as my guest at the prayer breakfast this morning,” Capps said. “Ever since hearing his captivating story, I have admired his courage and his brave decision to officiate his son’s marriage despite the consequences. Since then, Pastor Schaefer has become a good friend, and I stand proudly next to him as he pushes for equality, both in the church and throughout the country.”

“I feel deeply honored to attend the National Prayer Breakfast as the guest of my local representative, Lois Capps, and to be able to represent my clergy colleagues from the central coast of California as well as the United Methodist Church,” Schaefer said. “My intention is to contribute to a much-needed spirit of unity and a celebration of our country’s religious diversity as we come together for prayer and fellowship.”

— Chris Meagher is a press secretary for Rep. Lois Capps.