Joanna Dominguez, left; Angel Uribe;  Joe Schmidt; Holly Edds; and Ken Trigueiro.

Joanna Dominguez, left; Angel Uribe;  Joe Schmidt; Holly Edds; and Ken Trigueiro. (Courtesy photo)

Angel Uribe, a local student and People’s Self-Help Housing (PSHH) Camino Scholars participant, recently met with an area principal, school superintendent, and the CEO of PSHH to share the story of his educational journey to inspire the community.

During the summer, as finalists in the National Summer Learning Association’s (NSLA) Summer Learning Awards, 12-year-old Uribe traveled to Washington, D.C., with Joanna Dominguez, PSHH director of education, as part of the first National Youth Leadership Institute.

At the conference, students participated in leadership training, individualized mentorship, and meetings with national legislators and policymakers.

Returning from the conference to his home on the Central Coast, Uribe met with Orcutt Junior High School Principal Joe Schmidt; Orcutt Union School District Superintendent Holly Edds; Dominguez; and Ken Trigueiro, PSHH CEO/president, to share his story and speak to the value of educational programs like Camino Scholars.

“We are so grateful for the National Summer Learning Association, and our local leaders for taking the time to encourage young leaders and amplify Angel’s message,” said Dominguez. “We hope to continue to provide students with once-in-a-lifetime, inspirational opportunities like this to encourage them in their educational dreams.”

Uribe received the national recognition and leadership opportunity as a participant in the Camino Scholars program. Each day, the program provides some 500 students with free, engaging, afterschool educational support, and summer learning programs.

Participants benefit from small learning cohorts, supported by individualized in-person instruction at onsite academic support centers on the Central Coast. Students have shown marked gains in their reading skills and advancements in math, in some cases, improving by more than 60%.

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