Charlotte Weis scored with three minutes to play on a cold and windy Saturday, lifting Cate School to a 1-0 girls soccer victory at Dunn in Los Olivos.

Grace Blankenhorn assisted on the goal in the 77th minute. Cate is 3-1-1.

“That goal was a long time coming and the relief was palpable,” said coach Taylor Wyatt. “Dunn played a disciplined offside trap and our defense pushed high as well, meaning the majority of the game was played between Dunn’s 18 and the midline. It was a crunched game dominated by Cate, but sorely lacking in offensive opportunities.

“Fortunately it gave our defense a real opportunity to attack and Olivia Dorion was particularly impressive in that role.”

The Rams will open league play on Tuesday with a home game vs. Foothill Tech.