A California Highway Patrol  sobriety checkpoint over the weekend resulted in eight DUI arrests on the stretch of Los Carneros Road leading to Isla Vista.

CHP’s presence near Highway 101 between Raytheon Drive and Calle Koral on Saturday night coincided with the college town’s infamous Halloween bash , which drew an estimated 20,000 revelers.

All told, 965 vehicles were screened, and nine field sobriety tests were administered, said Officer Don Clotworthy of CHP’s Santa Barbara office. Four vehicles were towed. The checkpoint was situated on northbound Los Carneros Road, so as to catch drunk drivers on their way home from the party.

“One DUI driver came into the checkpoint and asked the contacting officer for directions to the northbound US 101,” Officer Clotworthy said in a statement. “He and his three passengers, all of whom were intoxicated, were unable to find a place to stay in IV for the night and they decided to drive back to Sacramento, some 500 miles.”

Officer Clotworthy also commended the many vehicles that were driven by designated drivers.