Kathy doing her first TEDx talk. Credit: Kathy Gruver photo

Wellness not only refers to your overall sense of well-being, but also focuses on the importance of self-care. Because of this, Noozhawk is proud to offer our Wellness Guide!

This guide is here to provide our readers with the resources to improve their wellness practices. Noozhawk has conducted a series of interviews with local wellness businesses and practitioners.

In this interview, Noozhawk spoke with Kathy Gruver, Coach, Speaker and Author to learn more about their services.

Kathy Gruver, Coach

Question: What is the name of your business or practice?

Kathy Gruver headshot. Credit: Kathy Gruver photo

Answer: Kathy Gruver, Coach.

Q: Can you describe what services or products your business or practice offers?

A: I offer life and executive coaching for men, women, and couples. As a coach, my job is to act as a guide to make your journey smoother and more productive. I’m also a certified Hypnotherapist specializing in stress and pre-operative hypnosis.

Q: What kind of training, education, or certifications do you hold?

A: I have a PhD in natural health with an emphasis in mind-body medicine. I have certificates from the Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard. I am an ACC-certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation as well as The Institute of Coaching through Harvard. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist. I have been studying mind/body medicine and human behavior my entire life. I also studied with Eckhart Tolle and still continue his programs today.

Q: What makes your business or practice unique?

A: What makes my practice unique is the varied background that I have. I have been studying mind-body medicine and human behavior my entire life. My background as a massage therapist allowed me to understand the mind body connection as well as all the formal training in that realm that I have done. I’m a great accountability partner, very direct as a coach and will call people on their BS. And we will also laugh and have fun along the way. I have a unique perspective from a stress and communication standpoint. I ask powerful questions and really help my clients get to the root of what is keeping them stuck. I also have a background in theatre and improv and you never know when those skills will be called on.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance? If you do not accept insurance, do you offer any payment plans or any financing options?

A: They are not. I do offer a package plan to reduce the price of the sessions.

Q: What are the benefits of the treatments / products you offer?

A: Clarity, focus, less stress, better communication, deeper relationships with self and others, a renewed sense of self, clearer goals, stronger game plans and more presence and peace of mind.

Q: Do you have testimonials with past clients that you can share with our readers?

A: Absolutely!

“Kathy has a unique and playful presence which helped me cut down some limiting beliefs and barriers without guilt or shame. I appreciate the creative tools and fun activities that Kathy would bring in, helping me clarify my values and goals. As a coach, Kathy is playful, honest, and encouraging.” ~ M.E.

“Kathy has an innate ability to really deepen the mind-body connect and coached me safely through ‘deep water’. She skillfully took me into the experience of my body, which led to a huge shift for me. She has an innate ability to create instant trust and safety allowing me to go deeper in such a short period of time. She is a coach that gets right to the heart. I highly recommend Kathy!” ~ E.N.

“Kathy helped me see fresh perspectives to get me going in a new (and better) direction in my life. I love her coaching style – she brings so much energy, challenges me, and throws out exercises to help me see things in a new light!” ~ Kristin G.

“Coaching with Kathy Gruver is one of the smartest career choices I have made. She has a no-nonsense, yet compassionate approach and her ability to get the heart of the matter is exactly what I needed to push through a very challenging situation. My time with her inspired me to re-align and re-focus. Thank you, Dr. Gruver!” ~ Nicole G, PRESeNT, llc, Owner

“Kathy has been great. She is versatile and trained in many disciplines. From the start, she has been willing to work with my needs and take the work where it needed to go by listening, learning, and asking questions. She is an intellectual, which I like, but she is also emotionally centered and intuitive; a great combination. She has a wonderful attitude and brings positivity to all areas of her work. Perhaps some of our success comes from how well our personalities jive, but at the very least I can assure you she is talented, dedicated, knowledgeable, professional, and competent.” ~ Jon S.

“Kathy has been coaching me for a few months now on a variety of topics: problems in my relationship, improving my communication skills, learning more about myself and who I am. I enjoy speaking with Kathy, not only does she listen to me but she also gives me important pieces of advice and practical exercises to do. It is a process to improve one self, it requires a lot of work, time and motivation, so having the right therapist/coach by your side is very important. I am glad Kathy is part of this journey with me, cheering me along the way. Would totally recommend her as a life coach.” ~ Giulia Tamburini

“Kathy has really helped me get INTO ACTION to accomplish my goals — in a way that feels GREAT for me! I’ve been stressed out about growing my business and procrastinating for a long time. Certain tasks (recreating a website I love) felt like herculean efforts and I didn’t know how to start. Kathy has helped me get in touch with my values and a vision for what I REALLY want, and has helped me break down my tasks into bite sized actions that are fun and achievable for me. I’ve spent much more time actually doing things that are important to me, than in the past where I’ve spent time stressing about the giant tasks I wasn’t sure how to start. Kathy supports me in simultaneously dreaming big and being practical. If you’re looking for a coach that will support you in accomplishing your dreams while staying in flow, look no further than Kathy Gruver.” ~ BB

Q: Who is a good candidate for your type of treatments and/or services?

A: Anyone who is in transition or feeling stuck. I love to assist my clients in a practical goal setting and game plans to reach those goals. I deal with people with high stress or issues with work/life balance.

I have quite a few clients that I do executive coaching for, helping them with their leadership and communication skills.

I also work with couples to help strengthen and clarify communication and rebuild intimacy.

One of my favorite tools is ego state work where we dissect the parts that we all have and look at how we can become more balanced and come from a place of presence and self.

If you want to learn more about yourself and gain more life satisfaction, I’m the coach for you.

Q: What information do you normally obtain before taking on new clients?

A: I have a 15 minute discovery call to make sure we are a good fit and then I have a lengthy intake form. I also do a few assessments before the first session.

Q: What are your normal business hours? Are you available to clients on the weekend?

A: I am typically available Monday through Friday from 10-5. I don’t regularly do weekends, but occasionally make that exception.

Q: Do you recommend the client does anything to prepare for the treatment?

A: Just the intake form and assessment.

Q: How far in advance do you recommend clients book their appointments? Do you accept walk-ins?

A: I do not accept walk-ins and the wait time depends on the openness of the clients schedule, but typically 2-3 weeks out.

Q: What is the price range? Do you offer package deals?

A: The sessions are $140 and I offer a 6 pack for 800.

Q: What do you recommend clients do to extend their treatment results?

A: I give homework and I really recommend that clients complete that. I also give journal prompts or other similar activities.

A little bit of fun with silks. Credit: Kathy Gruver photo

Q: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers that was not mentioned above?

A: I’m a trapeze artist and dancer. I also do aerial silks. Trapeze to me is a parallel for life and it’s not uncommon for me to take a coaching client to experience flying trapeze for the first time.

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