Initiated in fall 2017, the city of Santa Barbara ACCELERATE program continues to evolve. Projects in the ACCELERATE areas fronting State Street between Cabrillo Boulevard and Sola Street, and fronting along Coast Village Road will continue to receive priority placement on design review agendas and for building plan review.

The city also offers certain free, early advisory services to address design issues that can slow or hinder improvement plans when identified later in the process. These services include:

» ADA/Accessibility: Certified Access Specialist (CASp) Assistance to assess a project’s compliance with federal- and state-mandated accessibility requirements. Staff considers the advance review of accessibility improvements to be a significant factor in reducing the overall plan review time.

» Restroom Facilities: Determination of required plumbing fixtures and whether incoming tenants would need to add more plumbing fixtures and create larger, accessible restrooms. Larger restrooms diminish the available business area needed to generate sales.

» Storm Water Tier Evaluation: The Ssate development projects to remove pollutants from storm water before discharge from private property. Determining storm water compliance level early on in the project planning process often results in cost savings and greater water quality benefit.

» Trash/Recycling/Food Scraps Space Needs: Staff will calculate the expected waste generation and determine the number, type and size of containers needed for project approval.

» Planner Consultation: This service includes three hours of staff time to research and provide applicants with a written assessment of potential zoning, land use, design review, and other site-specific issues that might warrant further consideration and analysis by the applicant before an initial submittal.

» Fire Review: Pre-application consultations can be scheduled to discuss fire-related development issues, including general project overview, access, hydrant data, sprinkler concerns, fire alarms, code-alternate possibilities, and project phasing.
For details, visit the ACCELERATE web page

— Marck Aguilar for city of Santa Barbara.