Former County Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Services psychologist Dr. Fernando Cordero, who was arrested Nov. 9 for allegedly coercing two of his former patients and possibly a third into sexual relationships, has been re-arrested on an additional charge of rape, according to authorities.

A fourth victim claims she was coerced into a sexual relationship with Cordero while she was his patient, an ordeal that lasted several years, according to Sheriff’s Department detectives.

Detectives, after investigating the additional claims, arrested Cordero at his Orcutt home on Wednesday, Nov. 29, for another charge of rape under color of authority.

Detectives added that Cordero is also believed to have been planning to flee the country to avoid trial. He is currently being held at $250,000 bail in Santa Barbara County Jail.

Cordero is thought to have targeted Hispanic females with past abuse and mental health issues, according to detectives. His victims also may tend to have questionable legal status in this country and may be Spanish-speaking only.

The Sheriff’s Department asks anyone with information about these allegations of rape or any additional victims, to call them at (805) 934-6170.