Daryl Cagle illustration
(Daryl Cagle illustration / caglecartoons.com)

Here’s my cartoon of President Donald Trump taking hydroxychloroquine cartoon, a couple of days late but this topic seems to have legs.

And here’s the rough sketch because people seem to want to see that. The big curved arrow is a note to myself to switch the positions of the Democrat donkeys, because it is usually best to have characters face into a cartoon, but then I decided that I liked them facing out.

Daryl Cagle illustration

(Daryl Cagle illustration / caglecartoons.com)

Here are four of my recent hydroxychloroquine favorites from our CagleCartoonists. This one by Kevin Siers made me laugh.

Kevin Siers illustration

(Kevin Siers illustration / caglecartoons.com)

And this one by Hajo de Reijger made me laugh again.

Hajo de Reijger illustration

(Hajo de Reijger illustration / caglecartoons.com)

This crappy cartoon comes from Nate Beeler.

Nate Beeler illustration

(Nate Beeler illustration / caglecartoons.com)

This one is from Jimmy Margulies.

Jimmy Margulies illustration

(Jimmy Margulies illustration / caglecartoons.com)

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