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Over the course of the last year, our mental, emotional, and physical wellness has been put to the test. In light of these unprecedented times, Noozhawk decided to create a guide of local holistic practitioners for our readers to learn more about, as we recover from this global pandemic, and move towards greater wellness.

In this interview, Noozhawk spoke with Dawn Flaherty, Owner of Detox Depot, to learn more about her detox protocols and natural modalities that have proven time and again to be successful in facilitating the body to heal itself.

Detox Depot

Question: What is the name of your business or practice?

Answer: Detox Depot

Q: Can you describe what services or products your business or practice offers?

Meet the Detox Depot Crew.

Meet the Detox Depot Crew. (Detox Depot photo)

A: Our Health and wellness services detoxify the body for improved health and wellness through the right foods, supplements, detoxification modalities and direction to medical professionals that are open to working with you naturally.

Q: How does your business or practice connect with health and wellness?

A: Our Health and wellness services help our clients sleep better, lose weight, have more energy, less pain, better skin health, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, better metabolism, can help reverse dis-ease in the body and improve the body’s ability to fight off pathogens as well as inactivate them in the body if they are affected.

Q: What makes your business or practice unique?

A: We work with ozone which in ancient Hebrew means the breath of God.

The HOCATT removes harmful toxins and free radicals, stimulates the Immune System, promotes long lasting energy, and assists in weight loss.

The HOCATT removes harmful toxins and free radicals, stimulates the Immune System, promotes long lasting energy, and assists in weight loss. (Detox Depot photo)

Our devices are few and far between in the US at this time.

This is state of the art technology built in South Africa that addresses several dis-ease’s of the body all at the same time.

We are the new revolution in health and wellness.

Q: How do you keep connected with the community and your patrons?

A: Our patrons are repeat clients. Once you have experienced our offerings and the technology of the HOCATT there is little reason to go anywhere else for taking care of the only body you get!

We do offer movie night every Wednesday where we share informational documentaries on natural healing.

Q: What kind of training, education, or certifications do you hold?

A: I have been studying natural healing for over 25 years.

Much of my education began with myself, dealing with my own health battles.

I have several certifications in ozone training that I acquired from following the top oxidative medicine Doctor’s across the globe.

Try out our Oxygen Bar!

Try out our Oxygen Bar! (Detox Depot photo)

My technicians on staff are well trained under me before they are allowed to run sessions on their own and then they are all certified as HOCATT technicians. As well, I provide ongoing training through weekly and monthly meetings.

Q: How does your business or practice help your patrons?

A: Live better, longer, healthier lives.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance?


Q: If you do not accept insurance, do you offer any payment plans or any financing options?

A: We offer packages that can be purchased to reduce the amount of each session.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business or practice?

A: It has exploded our business. Our clients have discovered if they visit regularly they are not getting the flu and colds or even allergies seem to be reduced or irradicated.

Ozone encapsulates healthy cells because of the protective ozone barrier they possess. When a pathogen enters the body it is inactivated by the ozone. If they do happen to catch a cold or flu one session in our HOCATT usually takes care of that.

Q: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers that was not mentioned above?

A: Here at Detox Depot we want to remove the fear of catching a virus or other pathogen. We were not meant to live in fear. Fear is a lack of faith. God is smarter than any virus…he knew all this was going to come. We feel we have a God given gift with HOCATT!

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