Name: Caroline Diani

Occupation: Boutique owner (Diani, Diani Essentials and Diani Shoes)

How long in Santa Barbara? Eight years

Best thing about Santa Barbara: The weather, the beaches, the hills, the people, Arigato.

Down-low on your downloads (music): Arctic Monkeys, Fiona Apple, Dave Matthews, The Killers, and I’m a closet country music fan, too.


Pet peeve: People who show up early.

How you keep it green: I recycle all my papers and never leave lights on.

Most fabulous find: Arcona Skin Care

Guilty pleasure? Chocolate

Fitness regime: Running on the beach with the dogs

Eye candy: Jake Gyllenhaal

Best meal in town: Arigato

Style icon: Gwyneth Paltrow

Nonprofit you’re passionate about: The Lymphoma Foundation

Never too far from your reach: My laptop

Style mantra: Great shoes with anything and everything (even if they hurt!)

I am most likely wearing (designer or clothing item, or both!): Anything by Isabel Marant and Sergio Rossi boots.

Internet jones (favorite Web site):!

Where is your bookmark right now? Leaving Microsoft to Change the World by John Wood

If I didn’t live in Santa Barbara I’d live in: England

Creative outlet: I paint

For holiday (must-have) (anything from cashmere cap to condo in Aspen): Snow, a fireplace, a great bottle of wine and fun friends.

Liquid love: Tequila

Can never get enough: Oliver Peoples  sunglasses

Best item in your closet: A Hanii Y coat

Every girl needs a: Great hairdresser

Santa Barbara secret spot: My home

Can one wear white after Labor Day? Rules are always for breaking, especially silly ones!

Fashion faux pas of 2007? Super high-waisted jeans

Visit  and 1324 State St. across from the Arlington Theatre for the trio of Diani boutiques that combine style, comfort and couture, the signature of Diani. Word to the wise: Get on Caroline’s e-mail list and receive style cheat sheets — a visual compilation of all things style savvy —  that lands right in your IN box! Sassy …