The SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning will quickly become the center of all your creative pursuits.

Affordable classes span the studio arts, crafts, design, sewing, singing, music, acting and more. Find yourself in a supportive community of beginners, enthusiasts and working professionals, making the world a more beautiful and fascinating place. CLL teachers are highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with their students — including our extraordinary artists.

Here is a sampling from the many art classes available at the CLL now and coming up next term:

Dusk to Dawn: A Plein Air Nocturnal Experience: This unique 12-hour painting class gives the artist an opportunity to completely capture the luminous and glorious full “Cold Moon” of December. Witness and capture the moon in its orbit from one beautiful setting, from sunset through to sunrise. The class will set up in a lovely, comfortable and safe location that allows you complete visibility, while our resident master of night painting, Thomas Van Stein, helps you master night painting techniques, and help you create a series of Nocturnal masterpieces. Click here to register.

Landscape Oil Painting From Photos: Good photographs are just the jumping off point for creating great landscape paintings. Paint with more dynamic colors by applying one of the three great color schemes. This course includes instruction and demonstration of creating an oil painting from a photo from start to finish. Students will analyze their photos through drawing, color mixing and completion. Students will then will create paintings from their own photos, with individual hands on help and critique from the instructor. One class meeting will be a field trip to take photographs and learn to compose with your camera. This class will be offered in the CLL’s winter term.

Portrait Drawing for the Absolute Beginner: Beginning artists receive instruction on portrait drawing from instructor and professional artist Lauren Manzo. Students learn how to break down the forms of the face to the simplest shapes, and how the facial features relate to each other and form with light and shadow. This class will be offered in the CLL’s winter term.

Beginning Outdoor Sketching in Pen, Ink and Watercolor: Beginning artists have the opportunity to discover the transformative effects of adding color to their link sketches while painting many of Santa Barbara’s picturesque scenes. Students receive individual instruction from instructor Tom Henderson on how to find their own style and improve their skill. This class will be offered in the CLL’s winter term.

Animals Alive: Drawing at the Zoo: Looking for a new type of drawing class outside of the classroom? Drawing animals and birds is an exciting and fascinating type of portraiture, and involves unique skill sets. Enjoy meeting your class and teacher, professional artist Lauren Manzo, at the Santa Barbara Zoo to draw rare and exotic animals live, rather than from photography. Learn how to break down the structure of an animal with basic shapes, develop the ability to capture animals’ gestures in their movement and enhance your drawings with varying forms and textures. This class will be offered in the CLL’s winter term.

Chinese Brush and Mediating: Students learn to draw, paint and write Chinese calligraphy while using bamboo brushes with ink and watercolors on paper. Each class starts off with a quiet mediation to begin the creative process and includes a lecture on the symbols of common Chinese subjects, including: bamboo, floral, bird, fish and landscape. Award-winning instructor Suemae Lin Willhite briefly explores the art of calligraphy in one of CLL’s Look and Learn Videos, a growing collection of free, short (one to two minutes) online videos of useful how-to’s and tips from CLL teachers. This class will be offered in the CLL’s winter term.

How to Sign Up

Fall class schedules are available at the SBCC Wake and Schott campuses, at newsstands throughout Santa Barbara and online by clicking here. There are still many fall classes starting between now and Dec. 6. CLL winter term registration begins on Dec. 8, with classes starting on Jan. 12.

About the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning

The SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning mission is to be responsive to the diverse lifelong learning needs of adult members of the Santa Barbara Community. CLL aims to be the educational, cultural and social hub for the Santa Barbara community, continuing a nearly 60-year tradition of excellence. CLL is online at, and on Facebook (sbccCLL), Twitter (@sbccCLL) and YouTube.

— Kelly Kapaun is a publicist representing the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning.