Dream Foundation Board with foundation CEO Kisa Heyer and Hotel Californian’s Michael Rosenfeld. (Dream Foundation)

Dream Foundation, the Santa Barbara-based organization that serves some 2,500 final Dreams every year for terminally-ill adults, has been gifted the private plaza in front of the newly reconstructed, historic Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone.

The plaza, at the corner of State and Mason streets, is comprised of 1,140 stones available to be dedicated with an elegant name engraving for a tax-deductible gift to the foundation. One lead donor has the exclusive opportunity to name the plaza itself.

The Dream Plaza will be an oasis in the center of a bustling district, connecting the wharf waterfront to downtown and serving as the gateway to Santa Barbara’s expanding Funk Zone and urban wine trail.

The plaza stones will be a unique way to celebrate an anniversary or special event, commemorate a business milestone, remember a loved one or create a family heirloom.

“We are immensely grateful to Michael Rosenfeld for his generous gift to Dream Foundation and our beloved community,” said Kenny Slaught, Dream Foundation’s board.

“He has given us an opportunity to connect with the place that Dream Foundation calls home and fulfill thousands of final Dreams across the country,” Slaught said.

“Hotel Californian and I are thrilled to partner with Dream Foundation who bring so much light to this community and families they serve,” said Hotel Californian owner Michael Rosenfeld.

“The Dream Plaza will represent a gathering place and lasting memory for donors and loved ones to share for years to come,” he said.

Funds raised through the dedication of each stone will support Dream Foundation programs including:

» Flagship Dream Program that fulfills the end-of-life Dreams of  terminally-ill adults who lack the resources to fulfill their Dream on their own.

» Dreams for Veterans Program that serves veterans who served in war and during peacetime.

» Dream Toy Program that sends hand-selected toys to Dreamers’ children who are coping with the impending loss of a parent.

» Flower Empower program that delivers fresh floral bouquets to local residents facing illness, loss or recovery, ensuring that those in need know their community cares.

“We are so fortune to live in such a compassionate and nurturing community,” said Kisa Heyer, Dream Foundation CEO.

“I am reminded just how supportive Santa Barbara has been over the past 24 years. This beautiful gift is just another example of its commitment to our mission and to our Dreamers,” she said.

To learn more, contact Dream Foundation, 564-2131, or email plaza@dreamfoundation.org. To donate, visit DreamFoundation.org/donate. For more about Hotel Californian, visit http://www.thehotelcalifornian.com.

— Dani Cordaro for Dream Foundation.