Easy Lift Transportation will be moving its headquarters on Tuesday, Feb. 14 as a result of damage the company’s offices sustained from the recent January flooding.

The new office will be at 1522 Cook Place, Bldg. 333, Goleta, starting Wednesday, Feb. 15. Easy Lift has been located for some 20 years at 53 Cass Place in Goleta, just minutes from the new address.

The last-minute move is required due to building damage to Easy Lift offices, which they rent from the Santa Barbara Airport.

Easy Lift estimates the cost for the move, and replacing damaged furniture and equipment at about $37,000.

“I want to reassure the South Coast community that our move will not affect our operations at Easy Lift,” said Ernesto Paredes, Easy Lift’s executive director.

“We were able to continue providing lifesaving accessible transportation services during the flood through emergency evacuations as well as regular passenger access to medical care and grocery stores,” he said. “Continuing to provide our services during our move will be easy compared to that.”

Thankful for the support received from donors in the community that sustains operations and enables Easy Lift to continue providing transportation services not standard for dial-a-ride transit agencies in other communities, Paredes is humbled and proud of the company’s staff.

“I remain continually amazed by the professionalism and compassion of our team,” he said.

“Our drivers and dispatch team have been under a lot of stress. Some live out of town and had a hard time getting to the Santa Barbara area during the flood,” he said. “Plus, many are dealing with damage to their own homes and vehicles. And because our passengers are also stressed, our drivers stand in to help calm their nerves and reassure them with a friendly smile.”

Even though the move is challenging, expensive, and time-consuming, Paredes said he believes the organization “will be better equipped to take on any and all new transit challenges going forward.”