Choosing natural, nourishing ingredients is good for our individual health and for our planet. (Lazy Acres photo)

Routine or ritual? Most of us have an established body care process, even if we don’t realize it!  And since we’re already spending time tending to our heads, shoulders, knees, and toes, why not find small, simple ways to elevate the experience?  

The Lazy Acres team of Wellness Experts shares three easy steps that can help you turn your routine body care into an act of self-care – here’s how: 

See the Opportunity 

When it’s time to do any type of personal hygiene task, don’t forget that this is an opportunity to focus on you. From mindfully dry brushing your skin to flossing your teeth, you can create moments of calm and relaxation that would otherwise be rushed through. 

Choose Body & Earth-Friendly Ingredients 

Everything ends up somewhere… and that’s true of the products we put onto our bodies! Lotions, oils, creams, and makeup can be absorbed by our skin. And, when we dispose of products, they can ultimately end up being absorbed into our water supply. Choosing natural, nourishing ingredients is good for our individual health and for our planet. 

Follow Your Senses 

For thousands of years, people have enjoyed the physical and emotional benefits of aromatherapy, and more now than before, aromatherapy is a huge element to skin and self-care products. It’s no secret that lavender oil can be very calming and relaxing, while peppermint or citrus are uplifting and invigorating. If a certain scent makes you feel good, follow your nose and bring more of that scent into your self-care routine.  

At Lazy Acres, we believe in Living Healthy, because it improves our lives on a micro level and also helps us begin to contribute to the improvement of our environment, our communities, and our world in ways we can’t always imagine.  Visit your local Lazy Acres to discover solutions to Live Healthy and make 2022 YOUR year to Live Well.