A woman and a man standing on opposite sides of the net playing pickleball
Have fun! Play for a Cause (Family Service Agency photo)

Santa Barbara County is blessed with a diversity of vital nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the health, well-being, growth, civic leadership and compassion of our community.

Charitable giving and philanthropy are part of our identity, which is why Noozhawk is proud to support the nonprofit community through sponsoring local community organizations and events. 

To showcase our support as a sponsor of The 1st Annual Pickleball Tournament, Play for a Cause, Noozhawk spoke with Jan Campbell, Director of Advancement at Family Service Agency to learn more about their upcoming event.

Question: What is the name and date of your event?

Answer: Play for a Cause – Family Service Agency’s Inaugural Pickleball Tournament – Saturday, November 11, 2023 8 am to 4 pm

Q: What is the mission, goal, and/or theme of this occasion?

A: Proceeds from the tournament will be used to support Family Service Agency’s youth mental health and senior service programs.

Q: Have you held this event before?

A: This is the first year!

Q: Tell us some more details about your celebration?

A: The tournament will be held on the courts of the beautiful Montecito Club. Players of all abilities are invited and brackets will be built based on ability. The start times are staggered – from 8 am to 4 pm. Yummy refreshments and quality SWAG will be provided. Awards ceremonies will be held after each bracket.

Q: How do people get involved with your event? (volunteer, attend, etc.) – If your event includes ticket sales, please note the price and include a link to purchase tickets.

A: Player registration is $125 per person and players are encouraged to sign up as a team. Sponsorships are available and information and registration information can be obtained at www.fsacares.org/pickleball

Q: Is this a fundraising affair? If so, how will the funds raised help your organization?

A: Proceeds from the tournament will be used to support Family Service Agency’s youth mental health and senior service programs.

Q: Who is sponsoring your event, and why is their support important?

A: Our sponsors include:

(Family Service Agency photo)

Farmers and Merchant Bank
Mission Wealth
Maureen MacDermott Real Estate
Natalie Collins-Smith Real Estate
The Montecito Club
Campbell Family Fund
Capritto Fund
Carole MacElhenny
Marni and Michael Cooney

Q: Do you work with an Event Planner? If not, who are the key people who make it all happen?

A: Emma Sonsini – Family Service Agency’s Donor Engagement and Events Manager
Sophia Corona – Family Service Agency’s Communications and Marketing Associate
Marianne McCarthy – Family Service Agency’s Communications and Marketing Manager
Marni Cooney – FSA Board Member
Jan Campbell – FSA Director of Advancement

Q: Does your organization have any other upcoming events this year?

A: Our annual fundraiser, Dreams in Bloom is held in May.

Q: What are you planning as a post-event follow up?

A: Thank you ad, Social media posts, Press Releases, and Website coverage.

To attend or learn more about Play for a Cause click HERE.

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