Imagine what the city of Santa Maria will look like in the future. Where will things be, what will people be doing, how will people be getting around, what will the city look like?

If you were to imagine your own Santa Maria. what would it look like?

The city is beginning a multi-year process to determine what the answers to these questions will be and encourages residents to share how they would envision Santa Maria in the future.

The process includes updating the city’s General Plan, which is a blueprint or guiding document that outlines policies that will determine how the city will be built into the future; think year 2050.

The General Plan is approved by the City Council and involves a great deal of comment from the community to help the council answer these questions. It includes elements that will discuss land use, transportation, open space, environment, recreation, housing, and economic development.

Where will the city build more housing? What types of amenities does the city need to provide for its residents? What is Santa Maria missing today?

Santa Maria needs the public’s help to make sure the General Plan reflects the community’s priorities for the future.

To learn more about the project and how to get involved, visit On the website is updated information about the General Plan, as well as a contact button to get on a mailing list.
The city also asks residents to take online surveys to share their visions and priorities for the future. Visit
Direct questions to the Community Development Department.