It’s tempting to give away fuzzy baby chicks and bunnies as part of Easter celebrations, but don’t do it.

Pet adoption is a personal choice and requires a lot of commitment. Bunnies become rabbits and chicks become chickens and roosters. Unfortunately, not many of these Easter animal recipients are willing to take care of them over the long run and they wind up crowding Santa Barbara County animal shelters.

“If you have plans to give someone a rabbit this Easter, we suggest that you get them started with all the necessities (food and water containers, a litter box, toys, etc.) and then offer to pay the adoption fee for the rabbit of their choice,” suggested county Animal Services director Jan Glick.

If you must give a bunny or a chick, Glick said, try the chocolate type.

To find out if animal adoption is right for you, volunteer at a local animal shelter. For more information, all the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter at 805.681.5285, the Lompoc Shelter at 805.737.7755 or the Santa Maria Shelter at 805.934.6119.