China Jones, co-founder of Women Who Warrior, gets Quokka meals delivered twice a week.
China Jones, co-founder of Women Who Warrior, gets Quokka meals delivered twice a week to help stay on track with her nutrition goals.  (Quokka Kitchen photo.)
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Of the many lessons learned over the course of the pandemic, one of the most important has been seeing the terrible costs and increased risks associated with a range of common chronic conditions, such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes – all of which are directly linked to poor nutrition. 

Clinical and nutritional studies continue to show links between the refined sugars and trans fats present in highly processed foods and many of the same conditions which have led to increased health risk across our population. 

But sustaining positive nutrition habits can be both challenging and time-consuming, which is why many are turning to Quokka, a local nutrition coaching and meal delivery service led by owners Kevin Lunn and Executive Chef Julian Martinez, also founder and Executive Chef at Barbareño.  

“At Quokka, we’re reversing a decades-long trend toward processed, unhealthy meals by making it more desirable to eat meals filled with fresh, local, whole foods throughout the week,” says Martinez. 

Quokka builds a personalized nutrition plan for each member based on their unique physical characteristics, activity level, and goals. Then, Quokka delivers local, fresh, ready-to-eat meals that are tailored to that plan twice a week. 

“We believe that breaking bad nutrition habits requires building meals that are more convenient, personalized, nutritious, and appetizing than the unhealthy options around us every day,” says Lunn. 

Catriona and Mark-Paul Gosselaar receive Quokka meals twice a week, and each receive different portion sizes based on their personal nutrition plans. 

“Quokka has set the standard by which all meal delivery services need to adopt,” write the Gosselaar’s. “Insanely fresh ingredients, tasty meals that are prepped according to your personal macros and delivered without hassle… with Quokka it feels like we have our very own chef cooking for us.” 

Quokka members receive fresh, pre-portioned, ready-to-eat meals.

Quokka members receive fresh, pre-portioned, ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to their door every Sunday and Wednesday evening, making it as easy as possible to stick to the nutrition plan that supports their goals.  (Quokka Kitchen photo.)

Quokka meals are 100% “clean”, meaning they contain no highly processed vegetable oils or refined sugars. Additionally, all meals are cooked with gentle heat, which keeps the antioxidants in the oils from breaking down and helps to fuel the body’s cells rather than waging war on them. 

The combination of clean, high-quality ingredients with automatic portion control makes Quokka a great option for individuals looking to sustainably reach a target weight while maintaining energy throughout the day. 

Forrest Galante, host of Animal Planet’s Extinct or Alive, completed Quokka’s “6-week challenge” by committing to 6 weeks of nutritious Quokka meals alongside a personalized fitness program with Variant Training Lab. 

“After 6 weeks of Quokka, I lost 4 pounds of body weight, reduced my body fat percentage by 5%, and gained 6 pounds of muscle mass,” says Galante. 

As we gradually emerge from the pandemic, now is the perfect time to establish nutritious eating habits that will keep us healthy and energized. 

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