John Tamiazzo

John Tamiazzo

John Tamiazzo is the new executive director of Showers Showers of Blessing, replacing former executive director Ken Ralph, who will retain a position on Shower of Blessing’s Board of Directors.

A familiar name around Santa Barbara, Tamiazzo taught consciousness psychology classes, health and wellness workshops, and love and intimacy seminars for 20 years at Santa Barbara City College Adult Education; and was an instructor for 15 years with the UCSB Continuing Education Counseling Certification Program.

In addition to his teaching, Tamiazzo also has had distinguished career as an executive director for Jodi House Brain Injury Center-Santa Barbara, the Brain Injury Support Group of Ventura County, and the Sedona Community Center-Arizona.

He also worked as a program director for three community mental health and research centers in southern California, including the Calabasas Neuropsychiatric Institute, Woodview Calabasas Psychiatric Hospital, and Camarillo State Hospital.

Tamiazzo’s multi-talented professionalism extends also to the world, and transpersonal psychology.

“The Board of Directors of Showers of Blessing is thrilled to hire John Tamiazzo as its new executive director. John is a seasoned executive director who will greatly assist Showers in moving forward in its mission of providing hot showers and loving kindness to our guests,” said Sally Hamilton, president of Showers Board of Directors.

“I am delighted to help Showers of Blessing foster compassionate hygienic care and offer access to critical services for people experiencing homelessness,” Tamiazzo said of his new position. “It will be exciting to work with Showers’ dedicated staff, board of directors and passionate volunteers.

“Most of all, I am thrilled to positively impact the lives of people experiencing homelessness in south Santa Barbara County. It is more imperative than ever during this time of COVID-19 to help our most vulnerable neighbors.”