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Kitchenette now offers 2-portion and 4-portion meals as well as individual sides (Kitchenette photo)

When you think about frozen food, a few things likely come to mind. It might be quick, single-serve meals loaded with sodium and preservatives, or ingredients that are more at home in a lab than a kitchen. Now picture the complete opposite, and you have an idea of what Santa Barbara startup Kitchenette has to offer: high quality, deliciously fresh meals that mimic the homemade food you would make… if time were no object and you happened to have a professional cooking background.

Founded in 2023, Kitchenette is shaking up the food industry with its fresh approach to frozen meals. With a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability, Kitchenette sources locally and organically as much as possible. Its recipes are always free of preservatives, stabilizers, refined sugars, gluten, and seed oils. This attention to the integrity of ingredients puts them light-years ahead of the conventional frozen meal.

“… proof that convenience and quality can indeed coexist, and that a freezer meal can be as nourishing and satisfying as one made from scratch.” Kitchenette

“We asked ourselves what we wish we always had stocked in our kitchens. The answer was ready-to-heat foods made from high quality ingredients that wouldn’t perish after 2-3 days. And generous portions, either for sharing or leftovers,” says founder Sophie McNally.

(Kitchenette photo)

The company recently branched out from their four person family meals to offer two portion dishes perfect for couples or singles. They also introduced sides for nights when you’re missing a single meal part (and wish you had frozen some meatballs!). With an emphasis on quality of ingredients, everything is flash-frozen at peak freshness to lock in maximum flavor and nutrition. The results stand as proof that convenience and quality can indeed coexist, and that a freezer meal can be as nourishing and satisfying as one made from scratch.

Kitchenette launched with crowd-pleasing, seasonal California dishes including a Santa Maria BBQ Chicken, Organic Marinara Turkey Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash, and a Harvest Lasagna. The company recently introduced a plant-based Buddha Bowl and a ready to bake guilt-free salted chocolate chip cookie (gluten-free and sweetened only with dates).

As more people seek out convenient, healthy, and environmentally friendly food options, Kitchenette’s approach to freezer meals seems less like an outlier and more like a trendsetter.

For more information, visit Kitchenette’s website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates, @getkitchenette.

Welcome to the future of frozen food. Welcome to Kitchenette.