Leading From Within was honored as a Nonprofit of the Year at a celebration of California Nonprofits Day June 28 in Sacramento.
Leading From Within was selected by State Assemblymember Monique Limón as an exceptional nonprofit organization in California’s 37th district community.

Assemblymember Monique Limón, right, honors Leading From Within members Carrie Randolph and Geoff Green.

Assemblymember Monique Limón, right, honors Leading From Within members Carrie Randolph and Geoff Green.

The organization joins some 100 other nonprofit leaders from across the state that were honored at the annual event, formally recognized by Assembly Concurrent Resolution 54, authored by Limón.

Limon also is chair of the new Assembly Select Committee on the Nonprofit Sector.

“Leading From Within identifies and invests in nonprofit leaders with the goal of strengthening the entire nonprofit sector,” Limón said.

“As we more regularly rely upon nonprofits to do more in our communities, Leading From Within is working to ensure nonprofit professionals are able to develop sustainable organizations that address unmet needs and advance community priorities,” she said.

“By deliberately developing human capital, Leading From Within is improving the impact of nonprofits and improving lives across the Central Coast,” she said.

Leading From Within invests in and connects social sector leaders dedicated to addressing complex community challenges.

It does this through four leadership development programs, ongoing commitment to learning and growing, and cultivation of its leadership networks.

The organization builds and weaves social-sector leadership within and across Santa Barbara County resulting in more collaborative and innovative solutions to community issues.

“Though less than a decade old, Leading From Within has built a community of more than 300 regional nonprofit leaders, and provided a space for learning, collaboration and mutual support,” said Geoff Green, board chair.

“Leading From Within is a remarkable example of the creativity that thrives in our nonprofit sector,” he said.

Limón and Green are alumni of Leading From Within programs. Founded in 2008 with the launch of its first leadership development program, Courage to Lead, Leading From Within now leads four innovative leadership programs.

Most recently, the organization launched the Leading for Community Impact program in November 2016 to deepen its support of the northern Santa Barbara County communities.

“The Nonprofit of the Year award is truly a recognition of the talented and committed leaders working every day to make our Santa Barbara communities a better place to live for everyone,” said Carrie Randolph, executive director, Leading From Within.

For more information about Leading From Within, visit http://leading-from-within.org.

— Juliana Minsky for Leading From Within.