Iran and President Barack Obama champion their controversial deal. Unfortunately, it will strengthen Iran and imperil the national security of America, Israel and our allies.

Here are eight devastating truths about the proposed deal:

» U.S. nuclear inspectors are banned from inspecting Iran’s nuclear sites. Iran can block inspections to undeclared sites. Any dispute is settled by a committee, which Iran is part of. It could take 24 days for a dispute to be settled as it passes through other bodies.

» The deal lifts sanctions that could boost Iran’s economy with $150 billion in revenue. Money could help the Iranian people, but also Hezbollah, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, Iraqi militants and other proxies.

» The Obama administration admits some of the money will be spent on their military and terrorism.

» On the week of the brokered deal, large crowds in Iran chanted “Death to America, Death to Israel.” Basic tenet of the ruling class.

» None of the four innocent American hostages were required to be released.

» The deal allows Russia and China to supply Iran with weapons (under U.N. procedures). This would endanger our allies, threaten our naval forces in the Persian Gulf and threaten our control over the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

» 77 percent of Americans oppose lifting sanctions against Iran. (Associated Press-GfK poll) Should be kept the same or increased.

» The balance of power in the Middle East will change. Iran will flex its muscle as it becomes rich from billions of dollars and flooding the world market with oil.

Is President Obama protecting America or Iran, a jihadist nation?

Diana and Don Thorn