The below listed retired Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Command Staff support Bruce Porter for Third District supervisor. All of these former senior staff officers know how important a county supervisor is in ensuring the safety of our county’s residents.

We all started as deputies and corrections officers and worked our way through the ranks to positions of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Department.

We know what type of support is needed by the Board of Supervisors to ensure that our men and women on the front lines are well-equipped and trained to keep our communities safe, and to ensure that our department is morally and ethically prepared to do the tough job you expect them to do.

Bruce Porter has the background and proven public service to our community that led us to this decision.

Please support the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department by helping to elect Bruce Porter for Third District supervisor.

Sheriff and County Fire Chief Jim Thomas, 34 years

Sheriff Jim Vizzolini, 35 years

Undersheriff Dave Dorsey, 36 years

Undersheriff Gary Tieso, 32 years

Undersheriff Bill Lenvik, 33 years

Undersheriff Jim Peterson, 30 years

Chief Deputy Don McCormick, 32 years

Chief Deputy Terry Bunn, 31 years

Chief Deputy John DaFoe, 31 years

Marshal and Commander Tom Gee, 30 years

Commander Ed Piceno, 32 years

Commander Chip Marchbanks, 25 years

Commander Dominick Palera, 30 years

Commander Diana Stetson, 28 years

Jim Thomas
Retired Santa Barbara County Sheriff