Linked to a Crime

Santa Barbara — A foursome, composed of multigenerational family members, playing golf on a recent Sunday at Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Course was approached by a stranger demanding cash on the links.

Initially they refused to hand over their money, but the threat became serious when the man displayed a handgun hidden in a collapsible cooler.

Surrendering their combined monies, about $257, just before noon, the golfers watched as the man fled westbound on Calle Real.

The man is wanted for robbery.

Too Close for Comfort

Santa Barbara — Too intoxicated to move far from speeding traffic, a transient found sleeping on the roadside of Highway 101 near the Milpas Street off-ramp was arrested and transported to jail.

After being awakend, the slumbering subject at 3:15 p.m., on a Friday afternoon, he was unable to stand on his own.

And the Envelope Please…

Santa Barbara — The manager of a State Street McDonald’s restaurant contacted authorities after glancing into an envelope she found on a dining table and realized it was full of valuable checks.

The manager had been holding onto the envelope all day hoping the person who left it would return. At the end of her shift, when nobody returned to claim the envelope, she did a little investigating. Inside the envelope were checks written for hefty amounts from various local banks and businesses.

Yule Tide at Ledbetter

Santa Barbara — After finding a “Christmas tree” erect in the sand at Ledbetter Beach on a Thursday morning, a beachcomber followed a trail of pine needles to a nearby home. Once the suspected prankster’s home was located, the reporting party contacted authorities. Investigating the case of the mysterious tree, officers contacted the Barranca Avenue resident. While the female who answered the phone admitted recently having a Christmas tree on display, she adamantly denied any knowledge of its whereabouts. However, she then refused to give the names of her roommates.

The jokester is wanted for illegal dumping.

Sleep Walker

Santa Barbara — Once awakened, a man found passed out on a Santa Barbara sidewalk told officers he thought he was in Monterey.

Unsure of his whereabouts or the day of the week, the 64-year-old was arrested on a charge of public intoxication.

Peak Time Thief

Santa Barbara — Snatching a High Gravity Lager from the beer section at a West Carrillo Street market, a 49-year-old man then tried to flee without paying for his suds. The man, apprehended by a security guard at 5:20 p.m., hit, bit and kicked in an attempt to escape.

Yet, the guard pinned the feisty man on the ground until officers arrived on the scene.

Take a Wild Guess

Santa Barbara — “It’s either Tuesday or Thursday,” replied a man, 58, picked up on suspicion of public intoxication at 10:30 a.m. after officers found him passed out in Vera Cruz Park.

In reality, however, it was Saturday.

From Above

Santa Barbara — Entering an East Anapamu Street restaurant through an unlocked skylight after hours, lack of evidence indicated the burglar did not take anything.

The only evidence of the Sunday morning trespasser was the damaged skylight.
It will cost roughly $1,000 to repair the broken window.

Miles of Mystery

Santa Barbara — A woman, 47, contacted police reporting her vehicle stolen – and returned – on a Thursday morning. The subject told authorities the only evidence of a burglary was the fact her car mileage had changed. The victim believes an unknown suspect entered her home over the course of the evening, took her car for a joy ride, then, quietly returned the car and keys afterward.
The West Ortega Street incident was filed as a suspicious circumstance.

Store Smash-and-Grab

Santa Barbara — An employee for The Leather Depot, a carrier of fine leather products on State Street, reported a burglary on a recent Monday morning.

After breaking a window to enter the store around 6 a.m., someone made off with two leather coats valued around $390.