A group of eighth-graders from the Santa Barbara area were caught in a lockdown Monday at the U.S. Capitol Building following a shooting incident. (Joey Ogle photo)

Eighth-grade students from Santa Barbara, Goleta Valley, and La Colina junior high schools were involved in a lockdown Monday afternoon in the U.S. Capitol Building after Capitol police shot a man who had brought a gun to one of the building’s checkpoints.

None of the 84 students was harmed or at the scene of the incident, which occurred at an entrance to the Capitol Building’s visitor center, according to Barbara Keyani, a spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

The group remained on lockdown for about an hour

Throughout the ordeal, students were able to communicate with their parents, and the seven teachers accompanying them were in contact with school administers back in Santa Barbara.

One bystander sustained non-life-threatening injuries, according to The Associated Press, and the man who pulled the weapon was subsequently taken to a local hospital after being shot.

Once the lockdown was lifted, Keyani said, the students were able to board their buses and were scheduled to continue their itinerary, which included stops at historic spots such as the Smithsonian museum and Embassy Row.

The privately paid-for trip to the nation’s capital is typical of spring break school trips for district students.