Most libraries offer space for students to study on their own or with a group. (Green Shoot Media photo)

Your local library can play a large role in your child’s education if you use everything it has to offer. Libraries can be a place to get homework help, find a quiet place to study, take fun classes, attend cultural events and socialize with peers. Encourage students to use everything your local library has to offer.

Preschool and Summer Reading Programs

Many a child’s first exposure to the library is through preschool story time. Usually offered in the mornings on weekdays, story time is a great way to encourage your child to learn about and use the local library from an early age. Any exposure to reading increases a child’s chances of high reading achievement.

Even when school is out, learning can continue. Summer reading programs offered by libraries are a great way to combat summer learning loss. Often these programs provide prizes after children read a certain pre-determined number of books or pages and include larger prizes for contest or raffle winners.


According to, technology can draw children to libraries. Rather than spending their computer time playing games that might not encourage learning, at libraries, children have access to the guidance of a librarian, who can provide fun, educational ways for children to use technology.

Some libraries loan out iPads loaded with educational apps, or WiFi hotspots to take the learning along on vacation. Many libraries also have access to e-readers or digital materials, such as digital books that might offer interactive experiences such as music and narration.

Classes and Events

Check your local library’s website or printed catalog for the latest course and event offerings. The list of possible activities is endless: book clubs, fun events such as animal encounters, Lego robotics, crafts, cultural and holiday events, gaming, music, coding, movies and more. There are myriad ways to learn and discover new things at your local library.

Study Rooms and Tutoring

Most libraries offer rooms that can be used free of charge for students to study on their own or with a group, or even to conduct meetings of small organizations. Check with your local library to find out how to schedule, as study spaces are sometimes in high demand and must be reserved ahead of time.

Some libraries even offer standing times when tutors are available to help students with homework, test prep or learning to use technology.