This year Lompoc Unified School District (LUSD) will be offering students an opportunity to participate in enriching expanded learning experiences throughout the summer.

This summer is unique to previous summer learning experiences in Lompoc. In the past, LUSD has offered in-person elective classes and enrichment, but they have never been available to so many students nor involved so many community partners.

“The 2021 Summer Learning Program started as an idea, that turned into a think tank and has blossomed into a hands-on, camp-style summer learning program that not only takes into consideration the losses our students have experienced this past year, but also the thoughtful process our LUSD educators put into this,” said Katherine Wallace, LUSD coordinator of educational services.

Students in grades K-6 will attend a thematic 19-day, STEAM-based program with opportunities to participate in field trips to Camp Whittier and the Cabrillo Aquarium.

In addition, social emotional learning will be brought to them on the playground through Sports For Learning, which will keep them physically active, socially engaged, and teach them how to work together as a team.

The Children’s Creative Project is ready to bring various forms of art to grades TK-8 along with resident art expert Rob Morey, a Cabrillo High School teacher.

The YMCA will also be offering a free after school program for LUSD summer learning students TK-6 at Hapgood Elementary School. Students will receive structured support in reading, math and science, and creative support in technology, health and wellness, gardening, and outdoor science labs.

LUSD is offering credit recovery, as usual, through APEX for middle and high school students. And, high school athletes will be able to apply for Saturday coaching positions, working through the Boys and Girls Club, to show leadership and mentorship with young people who need to stay active and safe on Saturday mornings.

“Providing both academic and athletic opportunities for our students this summer has been our goal. We want students to have various engaging activities to participate in,” said Superintendent Trevor McDonald. “Keeping kids minds and bodies active is instrumental to healthy living.”

Middle school students will be learning leadership skills, AVID organization, notetaking and college and career readiness. In addition to this being the first summer in several years when middle school is offered as summer learning, they will have their own guidance counselor.

“All students will have access to mental health, social emotional learning and most importantly, adults who care about their overall well-being and progress as we move forward into normalcy,” said Deputy Superintendent Bree Valla.