Los Padres National Forest officials announced that recreation managers are seeking public comments on proposals for the State of California Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) grant program.

The Los Padres National Forest is proposing to submit four grant applications. The grant proposals include projects for ground operations, law enforcement, Ortega Trailhead relocation planning and Pozo-LaPanza OHV trail re-route planning.

The state is using an Internet-based “Online Grant Application” process as the means to apply for grant funding. Preliminary applications are due March 3. This will open a monthlong public review and comment period which runs from March to April 7. The final grant applications are due May 5.

Forest officials are providing two opportunities for interested parties to discuss and provide input into the development of the grant applications and provide comments. An OHV public open house will be held from 10 a.m. to noon this Saturday at the Chuchupate Ranger Station at 34580 Lockwood Valley Road in Frazier Park.

After May 4, a preliminary application will be available for public review and comment online by visiting the California State OHV Grants and Cooperative Agreements program by clicking here. Hard copies may be requested by contacting assistant recreation officer Jeff Bensen at 805.961.5744.

The State of California Department of Parks and Recreation and the Los Padres National Forest have maintained a successful partnership for more than 26 years, with funding assistance for well-managed OHV recreation on national forest lands.

— Andrew Madsen represents Los Padres National Forest.