Patty Harrison, Caleb Rhoads, Audrey Dunlop and Ashley Nagaoka of MedBridge. (Courtesy photo)

MedBridge ambulatory surgery center (ASC) development and management company has announced the addition of four vice presidents to its executive management team.

The corporate infrastructure change will enhance and improve the physician and patient experience, and position the company for growth and innovation in the years to come. MedBridge is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year.

MedBridge has promoted Ashley Nagaoka, Audrey Dunlop and Patty Harrison to vice president posts to solidify and empower the company’s key leadership positions. Caleb Rhoads, former director of finance and analytics, has rejoined MedBridge as vice president of operations.

“Never before has MedBridge had such a depth of leadership and high-level competency in our ever-changing industry,” said Dave Odell, president/CEO.

Nagaoka, vice president of revenue cycle management, recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary. Nagaoka has been involved in the billing and accounts receivable departments for the entirety of her MedBridge career. As vice president, she ensures the revenue cycle runs smoothly by bringing her insurance collections and contracts expertise to the team.

Dunlop is the new vice president of client services. In her 15 years at MedBridge, she has history in multiple departments, and served as corporate project manager and general manager of the company.

With years of revenue cycle operational oversight and on-the-ground experience at ASCs, Dunlop can speak to current processes at the facility level and provide solutions and training in the changing health care atmosphere.

Rhoads has returned to MedBridge as vice president of operations. The tremendous fiscal oversight he afforded MedBridge’s accounting department as controller and later director of finance and analytics positions him to successfully lead the operations teams.

In addition to using his depth of MedBridge and financial industry experience to oversee the accounting department, Rhoads oversees the operations of all departments and helps guide each department to its highest operational efficiency.

Harrison, oversees clinical operations for MedBridge’s ambulatory surgery centers as vice president of clinical services. Her expertise and knowledge lies in project development and business advancements in the surgical arena.

With 16-plus years of nursing experience, she guides each of MedBridge’s ASCs to achieve excellence in health care standards, accreditation, and quality patient care.

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— Emma Johnson for MedBridge.