Now in its 14th year, Moms In Motion takes women of varying fitness levels to new heights through their triathlon training team, set to begin on Saturday, June 8 and culminating 11 weeks later on Sunday, Aug. 24 with the Women’s Santa Barbara Sprint Triathlon (500-yard ocean swim, six-mile bike and two-mile run).

The training will focus on developing skill, technique, endurance and speed in each sport while also learning how to make speedy transitions. Fitness, friendship, philanthropy and educational opportunities are woven into each of their practices.

Whether new to the sport or returning for the 14th year, Moms in Motion encourages all women to carve out time for themselves to be healthy and fit. Coach Ernesto Paredes, founder Jamie Allison and cycling/swimming coach Whitney Bruice will lead the 2013 team.

“Moms In Motion provides a unique outlet for moms and all women to carve out time each week to focus on their own physical, social and philanthropic needs,” Allison said. “We’re going a mile a minute and can easily feel overwhelmed with the juggling act, especially if our needs are put on the back burner. As challenging as it may seem to schedule in one more thing, we’ve heard over and over from our members how making time for themselves increases overall happiness. They have more energy, more patience, better sleep and increased confidence.”

For more information on Moms In Motion and the 2013 training team, click here and then click on the “Find a Team” tab to select California and Santa Barbara. Email inquiries can be sent to

— Ernesto Paredes is a coach for Moms In Motion.