New Goleta Valley Library Bookvan.

New Goleta Valley Library Bookvan. (Courtesy photo)

Library Service is now rolling in Isla Vista, opening with a ribbon-cutting Oct. 4 at the Isla Vista Community Center to unveil the new Goleta Valley Library Bookvan and kick off the first day of service.

Officials and community members turned out to see the custom solar-powered van and cheer as the blue ribbon was cut marking the start of on-the-go library programming in Isla Vista. Watch a video of the ribbon cutting here.

“We are really excited to introduce our mini-library on wheels to the community,” said Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte. “We hope that by bringing our knowledgeable library staff, books and materials to Isla Vista, our bookvan will help remove barriers and increase access to library service. We hope that today will be the beginning of many cherished Bookvan library memories in Isla Vista.”

State Sen. Monique Limón commented, “In 2019, I worked to secure $200,000 in state funds to support the city of Goleta in delivering direct library services to the residents and families of Isla Vista. Library services are vital resources that serve as community hubs for people to gather, share information, and promote literacy.

“I am glad to see this project come to fruition and to see the benefits it will bring to our community for years to come.”

“Libraries are palaces for the people, and librarians the guardians,” said Third District County Supervisor Joan Hartmann. “The Goleta Valley Library has thought in a different way how to bring the palace to the people. It gives community members a chance to establish a working relationship with the librarians and library.

“We are really excited with what is happening here and bringing the appropriate services to the Isla Vista Community, covering the whole span of ages.”

“This is the first time in our community’s over 70-year history that there will be library services accessible to all in Isla Vista,” said Spencer Brandt, Isla Vista Community Services District Board president.

“It is incredibly important not just for those students who live here in our community who are college students, but for those who are pre-school, elementary, middle school and high school students, to have services that are publicly accessible and are brought into the community,” he said.

The bookvan will provide library services to the wider Isla Vista community with the delivery of books, audiovisual materials, Library of Things items, technology, craft kits for kids, honor system books, and free books. Library cards will be issued to anyone who wants one.

WiFi will be available near the van so people can download some of the more than one million items available through the Goleta Valley Library databases. The specialty van will be able to hold about 500 books and will be powered with Wi-Fi and a solar battery.

The bookvan will operate Monday through Friday with stops throughout the Isla Vista area. A schedule is available here on the library’s website. For more information on the Library Bookvan contact Library Director Allison Gray, 805-562-5502 or

Community members and local officials help cut the ribbon to officially welcome the Goleta Valley Library Bookvan to Isla Vista.

Community members and local officials help cut the ribbon to officially welcome the Goleta Valley Library Bookvan to Isla Vista. (Courtesy photo)