This winter, the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning is ready to help the community achieve their new year’s resolutions, with more than 300 classes and workshops for every schedule and lifestyle, including over 30 new classes.

Winter registration begins Dec. 8. Classes begin on Jan. 12, with evening, weekday, weekend classes and workshops starting throughout the term which runs through March 21. Class schedules are available at both CLL campuses, at newsstands throughout the area, and online by clicking here.

“With the new year around the corner, we’re excited to offer hundreds of ways for our community members to discover their potential,” said Andy Harper, executive director of the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning. “Now is the time to reclaim some ‘you time’ and get ready to re-energize your year ahead. For the cost of a night out, you can do something rewarding to enrich yourself for a lifetime.”

Winter Term 2015 Highlights

» 300-plus evening, weekday and Saturday classes and workshops, for every schedule and lifestyle

» 30-plus brand-new classes connect students with emerging lifestyle trends: Animals Alive — Drawing at the Zoo; Landscape Oil Painting From Photos; Musical Theater Workshop; Opera Workshop; Painters in Paradise; Secret Power of Words as Art; How to Reach Your Goals — 21 Tips from a Certified Life Coach; Let Loose with Nia Dance!; Nourishing Your Primal Body; Chit Chat in Spanish; Make Argentine Empanadas from Scratch; Make the Real Deal: Authentic Mexican Cuisine; Simple and Sane Detox Diet; Washoku: Japanese Cooking; Winter Dishes from Trader Joe’s; and many more.

» Online “how-to” videos — The CLL’s award-winning Look & Learn videos are a growing collection of free, short (one to two minutes) online videos of useful how-tos and tips from CLL teachers, all professional experts in their fields. Available at and on the CLL YouTube Channel.

» Special events — Register for these events online at or in person at the Wake or Schott campuses. Staggered registration begins the week of Dec. 8.

» Feb. 9 — Mind & Supermind, “Loving What Is: A Workshop with Byron Katie” at the new all glass Deckers Rotunda: Join Byron Katie, celebrated speaker and author of “life-changing” bestseller, The Work, and experience the happiness of undoing stressful thoughts through The Work and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature. The winter Mind & Supermind event will be presented by the CLL at the new all glass Deckers Rotunda.

» Two “Body, Mind, Spirit” lectures with David Cumes, M.D.:

Jan. 30 — “Death – A Ticket to a New Destination” with David Cumes, M.D. Different aspects of the death process include preparation for death and its connection to karma and reincarnation. Just as one would not take a trip to an unknown destination without guidance, we need to be aware of the complexities of this great journey. Learn about the various death vibratory realms and how to navigate them. Explore dysfunctions related to the death process and remedies for these pathologies. Includes guided meditation (based on Messages from Ancestors).

Feb. 28 — “Nurturing the Soul on the Journey toward Self-Realization” with David Cumes, M.D. Self-realization involves negotiating the polarities of free will, intention, karma, faith/belief, surrender/trust, love, forgiveness, judgment, shame, guilt, grief, truth, gratitude and joy. In this class, learn how nurturing the soul is a balancing act. On one side are the demands of our egos and personas and the temptations of materialism; on the other side are the principles of our Higher, Buddha or Christ-like Self or that part of us made in the image of God. Discover how a dedicated spiritual practice will give us access to a ‘Field’ of non-local, space/time information which can greatly facilitate this challenging journey to Self-realization.

» Two health lectures with James Kwako, M.D.:

Jan. 24 — “Sleep Solutions” with James Kwako, M.D. What is keeping you up at night? Is it mental or physical? Either way, you need to get some sleep! The benefits of sleep are enormous. Sleep restores the function of every organ of the body as well as how we think and feel. In this class you will learn about causes of chronic insomnia, the role of hormones, and many treatment options. You will hear about the latest medical studies, the use of supplements, relaxation exercises and the role of mental house cleaning for restful sleep.

Jan. 31 — “Comprehensive Adrenal Treatment” with James Kwako, M.D. This class teaches students how to evaluate low adrenal function, how to test adrenal hormones, and how to identify lifestyle choices that increase adrenal performance. The adrenal glands secrete over 150 hormones that increase vitality and decrease inflammation. Adrenal hormones raise physical and mental energy levels, decrease the pain of inflamed joints (including the neck and back), and affect the intestines and the immune system. Students will learn causes of and treatments for under-functioning adrenal glands.

The SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning mission is to be responsive to the diverse lifelong learning needs of adult members of the Santa Barbara Community. CLL aims to be the educational, cultural and social hub for the Santa Barbara community, continuing a nearly 60-year tradition of excellence. CLL is online by clicking here, and on Facebook (sbccCLL), Twitter (@sbccCLL) and YouTube.

— Kelly Kapaun is a publicist representing the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning.