In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ridley-Tree Cancer Center (RTCC) is using the power of PINK to commemorate those lost to breast cancer, and to honor breast cancer patients and their families, as well as medical professionals and researchers working to find a cure.

A pink glow lights up the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center building in Santa Barbara.
A pink glow lights up the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center building in Santa Barbara. Credit: Courtesy photo

During October, the building at 540 W. Pueblo St., Santa Barbara, is illuminated nightly with a pink glow, funded by Sansum Clinic’s Women’s Health Initiative.

Staff members and healthcare providers at Ridley-Tree Cancer Center in Santa Barbara and Solvang, and Sansum Clinic’s Country Clinic in the Santa Ynez Valley are dressing in pink to show their support for breast cancer patients, and their families.

October serves as a reminder for women to prioritize their health by scheduling their annual mammogram.

“About one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point during their lifetime,” said Matt Baumann, vice president, oncology at Ridley-Tree Cancer Center. “However, breast cancer can be diagnosed and treated successfully, right here in Santa Barbara at Sansum Clinic and Ridley-Tree Cancer Center, using world-class treatment offered by our experienced team.”

“Our multidisciplinary team offers advanced breast imaging and personalized plans for each patient using the latest surgical, medical and radiation oncology treatments for breast cancer,” Ridley-Tree Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer said.

Through support from Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara, the Clinical Research Department coordinates with patients who may benefit from new therapies offered in clinical trials.

Sansum Clinic’s Breast Imaging Center has board-certified breast radiologists, and highly-trained technologists who use world-class technology to deliver the highest standards of breast imaging, Sansum said.

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