Local demand for relief will only grow in the coming weeks and months as the COVID-19 disruption displaces workers, causes food insecurity and leaves families and organizations short on funding to sustain our community.

To guarantee that funds raised in the community stay in the community, Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset Charitable Foundation has created the 93013 Fund as a central point to collect and distribute funding.

“This fund will serve as a necessary bridge during this unprecedented economic disruption,” said Hans Brand, president of Carpinteria Sunset Rotary Charitable Foundation. “We need to be prepared to sustain food banks and services at the local level possibly for months.

“Over the last week, more and more people have stepped up in search of a way to contribute, so 93013 Fund has been set up to collect and disburse funds in a local, transparent way. People want to help in the community, and this is how to do it.”

Carpinteria Sunset Rotary Charitable Foundation is a registered 501c3 nonprofit. A dedicated bank account has been created for 93013 Fund, and the fund will be controlled by the foundation’s board of directors.

An oversight committee of nonprofit directors, business owners and community leaders will be assembled to provide guidance on 93013 Fund disbursements.

Santa Barbara County Foodbank programs in Carpinteria already demonstrated heightened demand during an emergency food distribution on March 18.

The 93013 Fund will be a central place for donors to ensure programs like the Foodbank and its partners can continue the important work of improving food security and maintaining hope during challenging times.

To start the fund, CARP Growers, the local cannabis farmers group, has pledged $20,000 and encourages other capable local businesses, organizations and individuals to match or exceed this amount as a symbol of community resilience and support.

At 93013fund.org, any level of donation will be accepted through a click-and-give platform.

“Local families and workers are already facing an unprecedented employment, childcare and food security crisis,” said Graham Farrar, president of CARP Growers. “From community partners, we’ve heard so many uplifting stories of early action to keep kids fed.

“As the COVID-19 disruption wears on, it will be critical to maintain a central fund to sustain relief and to have it be managed locally by the people who are already on the front lines providing assistance.”

Funds will be used to sustain established services and networks through local service organizations such as Girls Inc. of Carpinteria, Carpinteria Children’s Project, Carpinteria Boys & Girls Club, Carpinteria Unified School District, and Community Action Commission.

“We are not here to reinvent how to serve the community,” Brand said. “We have set up this fund so people can easily contribute to groups already providing services and a representative advisory committee can prioritize spending that will reach as many local families as possible.”

Sunset Rotary Foundation has identified youth-serving organizations, food and housing insecurity as the primary targets for the 93013 Fund. Every penny of the fund will be disbursed to eligible recipients with no administrative costs. It will also all be spent on groups within the Carpinteria Valley.

A primary goal of the fund will be to use local businesses when applicable to facilitate services.

Checks can be made out to Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset Charitable Foundation with “93013 Fund” noted in the memo. Checks should be sent to Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset Charitable Foundation, P.O.Box 1211, Carpinteria 93014.