Kicking off an ambitious $20 million capital campaign, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute (SDRI) raised more than $400,000 for diabetes research at its 15th annual fundraising event Taste of the Vine, held Sept. 23 at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.

Taste of the Vine participants sitting at outdoor tables applaud during the fundraiser event.
Donors and supporters show their enthusiasm at the Taste of the Vine fundraiser event. Credit: Courtesy photo

The $20 million capital campaign is set to transform SDRI’s current facility into a cutting-edge hub for diabetes research, education, and clinical care.

The Taste of the Vine fundraiser brought together supporters, donors, and advocates during an evening that included gourmet cuisine and a shared commitment to accelerating life-saving diabetes research.

“SDRI is embarking on an aggressive program of sophisticated clinical research that requires an appropriate and modern research unit,” said Dr. Samuel Klein, SDRI’s chief scientific officer.

“However, SDRI’s clinical research facilities have not been modified since 1975,” he said. “Updating our research facilities is critical for conducting leading edge clinical research and is necessary to recruit top-tier clinical investigators.”

The $20 million capital campaign will facilitate the renovation of SDRI’s current building, propelling it into a state-of-the-art facility that will enable groundbreaking advancements in diabetes research and care.
“We are deeply moved by the incredible support we’ve received at this year’s Taste of the Vine event,” said Alex DePaoli, campaign co-chair and immediate past president of SDRI’s Board of Trustees.

“Our mission to improve the lives of people living with diabetes is fueled by the generosity and commitment of our community,” he said. “The $20 million capital campaign is a significant step towards providing even better resources for diabetes research, education, and clinical care.”

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