Santa Barbara’s first Builder’s Remedy preliminary application was approved by the city May 15. The application was submitted by Craig Martin Smith of Los Angeles-based Industrial Partners Group.

The proposed 30-unit, multi-family building has six designated low-income units and is sited on a vacant double lot in Santa Barbara’s Lower Riviera neighborhood.

The city is currently out of compliance with the state’s housing element. Under the Builder’s Remedy, California cities and counties that are out of compliance with the housing element forfeit their authority to deny affordable housing projects on the grounds that the project is inconsistent with zoning or General Plan standards.

Smith’s Spanish revival-styled project includes 4,000 feet of outdoor communal deck space with city and ocean views; underground vehicle parking, electric vehicle charging, bicycle parking, and resident storage.

Smith’s SB330 application is the first to be submitted in the city.

“Infilling these vacant lots is one step towards alleviating our community’s crisis-level housing needs,” Smith said. “With the Builder’s Remedy, we are supporting California’s mandate to build affordable housing.

“Without Builder’s Remedy, this development would be limited to four units. Now we can provide six affordable units, along with additional housing for 24 other families. Santa Barbara needs housing and the neighborhood needs vibrancy, energy and families.”

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