Santa Barbara Travel Bureau is marking its 75th anniversary as a locally owned and operated travel agency.

In honor of the landmark, the business, with offices in Montecito and Santa Barbara, is offering a series of client appreciation events and vacation giveaways throughout the year. For details, visit

To increase its breadth of offerings, Santa Barbara Travel Bureau has partnered with Global Travel Collection, said David de L’Arbre, Santa Barbara Travel Bureau’s COO.

“The initial goal was to increase our ability to support clients in the television and film industry by expanding our multi-state and international ticketing capability,” de L’Arbre said.

“What we gained as an added benefit was an entire spectrum of enhanced hotel, car rental, cruise, and airline relationships that generate tremendous value for our all of our clients,” he said.

Santa Barbara Travel’s focus on customer service has been a core principle since the company was founded by Bertie de L’Arbre in 1947; and over its 75-year history the company has met the changing demands of travelers, de L’Arbre said.

The importance of customer service and personal relationships with clients has become even more valuable as the travel landscape evolves.

“The internet has great deal of information but very little knowledge,” said Charles de L’Arbre, Santa Barbara Travel’s CEO. “As travel becomes increasingly global, and the airline system more prone to delays and cancellations, our role as travel advisors is even more important.

“Unlike the airlines and travel sites, we answer the phone and can offer the customer service solutions that our competitors can’t.”