Alexis Tande from The Whip SB talks about the startup technology company and the firm’s goal of creating a dialogue around politics in Santa Barbara. 

Tande a month ago began interviewing local political figures and candidates for Santa Barbara City Council via Instagram Live.

The goal, however, is to release an app where people can become members and comment on the issues of the day in an unfiltered format. 

Tande said her goal is to appeal to everyday residents, not insiders or experts on politics, and help educate and inform them so they can understand what’s happening in their community. 

“What doesn’t sit right with me is that there isn’t a place that is deemed OK for people to talk and connect over the bigger issues,” Tande says on the podcast. 

When the app comes out, Tande said, people will sign in, enter their address, and discuss local politics with the people in their district,”

“We’re a technology platform,” she said. 

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