The City of Santa Barbara received $5.5 million in sales tax for the quarter ended Sept. 30, representing the first sales tax quarter of the current fiscal year.

Since sales tax is received quarterly from the state and one quarter in arrears, the first full sales tax payment of each fiscal year is not received until December. Sales tax growth for the September quarter was 6.9 percent higher than receipts in the same quarter of last fiscal year.

Sales tax results for the December quarter, including sales during the holiday shopping season, will be available in March.

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The transient occupancy tax (TOT) collected in November was 16.9 percent above the amount collected in November 2013, with one fewer weekend day this year. In addition, TOT collected in December was 11.1 percent above the amount collected in December 2013.

TOT continues its strong growth, posting overall growth of 12 percent through December.

Good weather continues to be a factor in these strong results, but it is also due to hotels coming back on line after major renovations. Year-to-date, over $9.9 million in TOT has been collected. The fiscal year 2015 TOT budgeted is $17,641,400, which is 4.9 percent higher than fiscal year 2014.

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— Robert Samario is the finance director for the City of Santa Barbara.