Thanks for Giving poster with nurses and doctors on it
(Savie Health photo)

Santa Barbara County is blessed with a diversity of vital nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the health, well-being, growth, civic leadership and compassion of our community.

Charitable giving and philanthropy are part of our identity, which is why Noozhawk is proud to support the nonprofit community through sponsoring local community organizations and events. 

To showcase our support as a sponsor of the Thanks for Giving Luncheon, Noozhawk spoke with Eryn Shugart, Executive Director at Savie Health to learn more about their upcoming event.

Question: What is the name and date of your event?

Answer: Thanks for Giving Luncheon, Honoring Heroes in Healthcare will take place on Saturday, November 4th from 11:30-2:30pm.

Q: What is the mission, goal, and/or theme of this occasion?

A: The mission of Savie Health is to provide free healthcare to residents of Santa Barbara County regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. The theme of this occasion is twofold:

1. Honor an individual, Ashley Costa, and an organization, Lompoc Valley Medical Center, that have been instrumental to the success of Savie Health during it’s first year in operations.

2. For community members to learn about the clinic’s mission and importance of the mission. Dr. Melissa Smith, Director of Health Equity at UCSB and a supporter of Savie Health, will be addressing women’s health on a global level and speaking about her work with Promotoras in Latin America, and tie this in to the work the clinic is doing on a local level.

3. To raise needed funds to help support patient care.

Savie Health has been open just 14 months in Lompoc, and the clinic’s services, which include preventive and urgent care, behavioral healthcare, telehealth by text, and women’s healthcare, are completely free of charge to the low-income, uninsured community members that the clinic serves.

The clinic pays for the costs of patients labs and imaging, and has several specialists willing to see our patients free of charge. Savie is the only completely free health clinic in Santa Barbara County.

Thanks for Giving Luncheon Event Invitation (Savie Health photo)

Q: Have you held this event before?

A: The clinic is still very new, having been open just 16 months. We have not held this event before.

Q: Tell us some more details about your celebration?

A: The event will be a lot of fun. Our emcee will be Jon Clark from the Bower Foundation here in Santa Barbara. Jon (and the foundation) is an incredible supporter of our work at Savie Health.

Auctioneer will be Jim Glines. The event features a multi-course luncheon with wine pairings, a silent and live auction as well as a dessert auction, live music, and inspiring presentations.

Q: How do people get involved with your event? (volunteer, attend, etc.) – If your event includes ticket sales, please note the price and include a link to purchase tickets.

A: Anyone interested in volunteering should email me, at Tickets are $95 each or two for $175, and can be purchased here:

Q: Is this a fundraising affair? If so, how will the funds raised help your organization?

A: The event is a fundraiser. Funds raised will go directly to patient care expenses.

Q: Who is sponsoring your event, and why is their support important?

A: Sponsors include Mechanics Bank, Dignity Health, Lompoc Valley Medical Center, and several other nonprofit and business sponsors that are sponsoring at the lower levels. Savie relies on the support of businesses, corporations, and grantors to offer the services that we provide.

Q: Do you work with an Event Planner? If not, who are the key people who make it all happen?

A: Mary Anne Knox is our amazing event planner. Staff are working hard alongside Mary Anne to produce this event.

Q: Does your organization have any other upcoming events this year?

A: We will be offering our patients a health fair near the holidays. This will include food distribution, health resources and blood pressure checks, and holiday gifts for our patient’s children. If anyone reading is interested in volunteering for this event, they can contact me at as well.

Q: What are you planning as a post-event follow up?

A: The clinic will be holding a donor appreciation event in the spring to thank those individuals that attended this event and to share more with them about our mission and current projects.

To attend or learn more about Thanks for Giving Luncheon, Honoring Heroes in Healthcare click HERE.

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