The Santa Barbara Community College District Board of Trustees is seeking two community members to serve on a screening committee for the hiring of a new Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) superintendent/president. The volunteers would represent the community-at-large.

Volunteers should have an interest in and/or knowledge of higher education. 

The board is expected to interview community members at a special meeting, 4-6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8, and appoint them at the board meeting on Nov. 10.

The screening committee will be responsible for reviewing applications and interviewing potential candidates for the superintendent/president position. The committee will recommend finalists to the board for its review and final candidate selection.

The community volunteers will be part of an up to 21-person committee that includes two board trustees, a representative from the SBCC Foundation; and SBCC faculty, staff, administrators and students. The committee will be chaired by a member of the Board of Trustees with a co-chair to be selected by the committee once it is assembled. 

Recruitment for SBCC’s next superintendent/president is scheduled to begin Dec. 7. The district’s goal is to have the new school official begin in summer 2023. SBCC is currently led by interim Superintendent/President Kindred Murillo.

Prospective volunteeers should send a statement that includes their qualifications, describes their interest, and provides contact information. The statement should not exceed 200 words. Volunteers must live within the district service area and cannot be currently employed by SBCC, be married to an SBCC employee, or be enrolled as a credit student. 

Screening committee responsibilities and expectations. Participating in and agreeing to all aspects of the process, including, but not limited to the following:

Maintaining confidentiality and upholding the principles of ethical hiring practices.
Training in the policies and procedures governing hiring, anti-bias and equal employment opportunity.
Evaluating and rating of candidates.
Interviewing candidates.
Selecting final candidates.

Availability to participate in training on dates to be determined in November and/or December 2022.