The new SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning is offering more than 500 classes and workshops this fall, with all of your favorites plus 50 brand-new offerings!

Lifelong learning is important for everyone, so CLL has something for everyone — for every age and lifestyle. Pursue a lifelong passion or hobby or discover something new, in the company of a supportive, encouraging community.

Registration is now open, and classes start and end throughout the fall term from Sept. 9 through Dec. 14.

Join the Party … Online

Learn how to keep up with family and friends, near and far, with Social Media for Lifelong Learners of All Ages. This exciting, confidence-building class will introduce you to the top “social networks” such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Much like going to a party or joining a book club, social networking can be a lot of fun. It can also be very productive for all sorts of projects, such as raising funds for a project or keeping in touch with friends and family. Social media can be many things to many people. This is a great way to try it for yourself to find out what it could mean to you.

Join the Conversation

For those interested in contemporary issues and events, CLL’s Current Events classes are designed to stimulate awareness — and dialogue — around the hot international, national, state and local events of the day.

“My class consists mostly of ‘political junkies’ and those aspiring to be,” said Fred Hofmann, CLL Current Events teacher. “Current Events helps students hone their communications skills and learn to effectively express a viewpoint.”

In his class, Hofmann also “encourages students to take alternative viewpoints to stimulate a civil debate.” Hofmann’s fall Current Events class will take place at Vista del Monte Retirement Community.

Swing, Stretch, Slide Into Health

CLL offers a wide scope of fitness, exercise, dance and health education classes. For those easing their way back into fitness, CLL has some uniquely gentle options like: Aquatic Arthritis, Easy Does it, Strength and Stability Training for Mature Adults or Gentle Yoga for Seniors. For those looking to kick up your heels, consider Ballroom Boot Camp or Beginning West Coast Swing Dance!

Stay Safe on the Road

Mature Driver classes help improve safe driving skills for older adults. Upon course completion, participants are given a DMV certificate, qualifying them for reduced automobile insurance premiums and valid for three years.

CLL offers classes more than 500 classes for all ages in arts, crafts, performance; body, mind, spirit; business, finance, work; events, film, words; and home, nature, technical.

Fall class schedules are available at the SBCC Wake and Schott campuses — at 300 N. Turnpike Road and 310 W. Pueblo St., respectively — at newsstands throughout Santa Barbara and online by clicking here.

— Kelly Kapaun is a publicist representing the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning.