The restaurant at Goleta Beach Park remains fenced off.
The restaurant at Goleta Beach Park, set to open as The Ellwood, is fenced off as construction and remodeling continue. (Serena Guentz / Noozhawk photo)

Portions of Goleta Beach Park are still closed following damage from the storms and high tides earlier this year, but other parts — such as the pier — have at least partially reopened.

The winter storms that hit Santa Barbara County early this year caused substantial damage to the park’s pier, parking lots and the restaurant, which already had been undergoing construction and remodeling in preparation to reopen under new management.

In March, staff from the county’s Parks Division told the Board of Supervisors that they had the pier closed and assessed after the storms, finding that some pilings and crossmembers were missing.

The Goleta Pier is now open to foot traffic with some sections fenced off, but Jeff Lindgren, assistant director of the Parks Division, told Noozhawk that the pier remains closed to vehicles and it cannot launch boats at this point.

While construction has started on repairing the pier, Lindgren said there have been some material delays, so he is uncertain on an estimated completion date.

Meanwhile, the Goleta Beach restaurant, now under the name The Ellwood, is still undergoing construction.

“Unfortunately, they had to do some major, major renovations to a building that needed a lot of repairs,” Lindgren said. “There are lots of good things, too — rebuilding the kitchen, rebuilding the bathroom to current code. … It will make a big difference.”

Lindgren added that The Ellwood is going to “serve a similar function” as the former Beachside Bar-Café, serving a more “California cuisine.”

An area next to the Goleta Pier.
An area next to the Goleta Pier and the parking lot remains closed off. (Serena Guentz / Noozhawk photo)

He added that they are planning for a grand opening in October.

The parking lot east of the pier remains closed, as the winter storms washed away a lot of the soil that was supporting the asphalt. No reopening date has been given for that parking lot either.

The rest of Goleta Beach Park is open to the public.