Things have changed since Santa Barbara Junior High School first opened its doors 75 years ago. On Monday, a group of senior citizens accentuated that point by sharing stories about attending the school during the Great Depression.

For instance, Mario Borgatello — of the local family-run trash and recycling company, MarBorg Industries — said he used to receive 20 cents a day for the bus fare, 10 cents each way.

Borgatello, who was the school’s first-ever class president in 1933, confessed that sometimes he’d find another way to get to school and pocket the dime.

Mario Borgatello, Angelo Ferrario, Bob Mullaney, Adeline Taverna Tomberg and Charlotte Baker Woods all “graduated” from the school in 1933. Another panel participant, Vincent Cavallero, attended the school in 1937.

On Saturday, Santa Barbara Junior High, 721 E. Cota St., will host a celebration of its 75th birthday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.