Interim County Administrative Officer John Nilon resigned before the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors fired him on Friday for alleged “improper conduct toward women,” county counsel Rita Neal told The Tribune on Saturday.

After receiving complaints from staff, the county investigated Nilon for allegedly violating the county’s policy against discrimination and harassment, according to Neal.

“Once complaints came forward, we had a legal obligation to investigate the allegations,” Neal said.

Nilon submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday, but his contract required him to work for another 30 days, according to Neal.

The board reviewed the results of the investigation during a closed session meeting on Friday, and unanimously voted to terminate Nilon’s contract of employment immediately, Neal said.

John Nilon Credit: San Luis Obispo County photo

According to a county source who wished to remain anonymous, Nilon was questioned about the harassment allegations on Wednesday, and submitted his resignation later that day.

Nilon was hired as the interim county administrative officer on May 1 after Wade Horton resigned from the position in March. The board extended his contract again in July. He made an hourly wage of $144.77.

Horton now works as an Assistant County Executive Officer for Santa Barbara County.