It's more important than ever for families to have access to affordable internet so they can stay connected to family, friends, school and work Credit: Cox Communications photo

It’s more important than ever for families to have access to affordable internet so they can stay connected to family, friends, school and work as well as thrive in today’s economy. To broaden internet access, we are helping administer the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and provide financial relief to families in need.

To better understand the impact affordable internet has, Cox Communications commissioned a survey of more than 2,000 of our affordable internet customers who use the ACP benefit and/or Cox’s Connect2Compete (C2C), a home internet service designed for families with K-12 students. The results show an undeniable positive impact.

Close the Digital Divide

Ninety-six percent of survey respondents said Cox internet access had a positive impact to their overall household. Of the positive impacts, 93 percent of ACP and C2C customers indicate they’re able to pay their bills on time more easily, and 95 percent of C2C customers say it provides a way for their family to spend more time together.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • About half of respondents have home internet for the first time
  • 70 percent credit home internet for finding a new job or a better job
  • Half said they got a promotion or an increase in pay
  • 90 percent said they or their children are now doing homework at home
  • Half said they or their children are now able to apply to college and apply for financial aid
  • Half said they have gotten certified in a specific skill or trade
  • One third reported they are a first-generation college graduate in their family as a result of home internet

This research proves our customers’ lives are better by having access to affordable home internet connection. At Cox, we are committed to pursuing digital equity efforts to continue breaking down the digital divide and better the lives of more people.

Real Lives, Real Impacts

Meet Anabel Santos. She is a Cox customer enrolled in the ACP benefit and an esteemed student at Arizona State University (ASU). Anabel is an active community volunteer who thrives educationally and stays connected to her family using the ACP and Cox’s C2C internet service.

“The $30 ACP credit has given us some additional money to help with other living expenses, such as groceries, gas, utility bills and textbooks,” said Anabel at a recent Cox event. “It has also been a relief when it comes to my aging parents that live in Florida.” Anabel and her sister are now able to help manage their parents’ lives all the way from Arizona by logging into and assisting with their smart home devices like thermostats and cameras.

“This allows us to assist them with using their devices and gives us peace of mind knowing we can connect with them easily at any time,” Anabel said.

Using Cox’s affordable home internet, Anabel is also working on a prototype for a final engineering class project. She and her classmates meet virtually on a weekly basis to conduct research, collect data and work on a platform they hope to launch as a functional website designed to provide downloadable textbooks for students for free or at a reduced price.

By administering the ACP, and providing access to affordable internet, people across the U.S. can thrive educationally and, like Anabel, make their own contributions to help close the digital divide.

The Power of Private and Public Partnership

Cox is committed to digital equity, and to further that commitment, we’re continuously working with the White House to expand the ACP further across the nation. We want more households to experience the positive impacts of affordable home internet. Closing the nationwide digital divide requires support from both private and public organizations to make larger-reaching and long-lasting change.

From Cox’s partnership with the White House, ACP-eligible households have access to Cox’s 100 Mbps high-speed internet service at little to no cost. Customers who qualify for the ACP likely also qualify for other Cox affordable internet options, and with the $30 ACP credit, these home internet services may be free or available at a significantly reduced cost.

To learn more about Cox’s commitment to digital equity and our portfolio of affordable internet options, visit