The “Animals Alive: Drawing at the Zoo” course through the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning will teach students how to draw rare and exotic animals live rather than from photographs. (SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning photo)

Learning, especially lifelong learning, does not have to take place within four walls. This spring, the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning is offering many classes outside of the classroom and integrating them in the Santa Barbara community.

This term, CLL has classes by the sea, out-to-sea on hiking trails and even at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

“Spring is the perfect season to appreciate nature while hiking our beautiful Santa Barbara trails, observing local bird habitats, or enjoying the splendor of the night sky,” said Andy Harper, executive director of SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning. “At the CLL, all of Santa Barbara and Goleta, inside and out, is your classroom!”

Here is a sampling of spring CLL classes that will be taught outside of the classroom.

» Animals Alive: Drawing at the Zoo — Looking for a new type of drawing class outside of the classroom? This unique class meets at the Santa Barbara Zoo and teaches students how to draw rare and exotic animals live rather than from photographs. Students will learn how to break down the structures of the animals with basic shapes, develop the ability to capture animal gestures and movement, and enhance their drawing with varying forms and textures. Easels are not provided. Students are asked to bring their own drawing pad and tools. This course will start April 7 and run through June 2.

» Sustainable Garden Design Walkabout — This class includes a walkabout of local gardens, including Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden. Students will gain a better understanding of the multiple roles plants can play in landscape and will discover how proper plant selections and spacing results in a low-maintenance environmentally superior landscape. This one time course will take place on Saturday, May 16.

» Basic Keelboat Sailing — This class takes students out to sea as they learn to sail a 24-foot sailboat at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center. Students will learn the general terminology and techniques to sail in light to moderate winds. At the end of the course, successful students will earn an American Sailing Association Basic Keelboat 101 Credential & Coast Guard. This certification will enable graduates to rent sail boats up to 27 feet worldwide. This course will start on April 8 and run through June 3.

» Lawn Bowls, Your New Sport — Beginner and experienced bowlers will have the opportunity to enjoy lawn bowling in this new exciting class. Students will learn the rules, and about the equipment, techniques and strategies of this games based on finesse control. The first class meets at Schott Campus Room 3 and all other classes will meet at Mackenzie Park Lawn Bowls. This course will start April 9 and run through June 4.

» Natural History Hikes — This class allows students to discover and experience local hiking trails throughout Santa Barbara. Students will hike four to five miles each class and learn about the geology, flora and fauna of Santa Barbara trails. Most hikes will have an elevation gain of 500 to 1000 feet and students may wish to bring a walking stick or trekking poles, cameras and binoculars. Dogs are not allowed on the trails. This course will start on April 7 and run through May 26.

» Trees of Santa Barbara — Students will learn about and be able to identify the many species of trees that are native to Santa Barbara in this unique field course. Each week, the class will meet in a different location and discuss the trees’ aspects of natural history, their role in native cultures, and their history in Santa Barbara. This class will start April 9 and run through May 21.

How to Register for Classes

Spring class schedules are available at the SBCC Wake and Schott campuses, at newsstands throughout Santa Barbara and online by clicking here. Spring registration began March 16 and classes start throughout the term, which runs from April 6 through June 13.

The SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning mission is to be responsive to the diverse lifelong learning needs of adult members of the Santa Barbara Community. CLL aims to be the educational, cultural and social hub for the Santa Barbara community, continuing a nearly 60-year tradition of excellence. CLL is online by clicking here, and on Facebook (sbccCLL), Twitter (@sbccCLL) and YouTube.

— Kelly Kapaun is a publicist representing the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning.