Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy is growing in popularity as a treatment for several neurological and mood disorders, and the cutting-edge medical technology recently reached another major milestone that could accelerate demand for the non-drug treatment option.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in August that it had approved TMS to be marketed as a treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

The FDA previously permitted marketing TMS as a treatment for major depression in 2008 and expanded the use to include TMS for treating pain associated with certain migraine headaches in 2013.

“This is another exciting moment for everyone involved in TMS therapy, and provides additional validation for the effectiveness of TMS,” said Mark Heatwole, president of TheraMind Services, Inc.

“This is an important step in the positive momentum toward making TMS a universally available treatment for those suffering from neurological and other mood disorders,” he said.

Click here to read the full news release from the FDA.

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— Andy Silverman for TheraMind Center of Santa Barbara.