The UC Santa Barbara Police and Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspected bicycle thief this week, using information from a student who used a tracking device to find their bike that was stolen from campus.

Police recovered the bike and a collection of other — possibly stolen — bicycles at a storage facility on Upper State Street on Tuesday. They arrested the alleged thief, 42-year-old Jason Kirby of Goleta, at the storage facility.

UCPD said that 17 other bicycles were found, with one that had also recently been reported stolen from the UCSB campus.

Police Lt. Matt Bowman said the arrest was thanks to a student putting an AirTag on their bike, so UCPD could track its location and make the discovery and arrest.

“It’s also a great reminder for students to register their bikes and make a report if they are stolen. Both greatly increase the chances we can recover them in the event they are stolen,” he said in a statement.

Police said drugs, drugs paraphernalia, furniture, and burglary tools were also found in the storage facility where they arrested Kirby.